Kind Words

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking the online classes from Iris. While there are many places on line where you can learn how to paint I feel that Iris’s classes are unique. Yes, Iris teaches you how, but she also teaches the “why” and helps you to be you. Her gentle way of encouraging and teaching allows you to feel good about where you are in your journey and how to take the techniques and lessons and make them your own. I highly recommend taking any of her courses and I look forward to learning from her again in the future.
Leanne Schuetz

I recently took an on-line art lesson with Iris-Fritschi-Cussens. I really enjoyed learning from Iris, she has a wonderful way of speaking. Her lesson was clear and concise and easy to follow. Along with Iris’s lesson she had a in-depth PDF explaining the lesson, laying out for you a little bit about herself, the supplies you need and the goals of the lesson. Iris really walks you through everything you need to know step-by-step. Iris really encourages you to create your own journey and she’s there along to support you in that journey. Her on line art lessons are a great way to learn at your own pace.
Maureen Craddock

I really enjoyed Iris’s lesson! She helped me to understand how colors work together which always seemed a little tricky to me, but I understand it now! She explained her lesson very well by letting the student know why she was doing what she was doing, to create the piece of art she created.Through her teaching she gave me the confidence to relax and create my own piece of art that I wouldn’t have otherwise done. Using colors in the face I normally would not have used which took my art to a whole new level!! I feel like a better artist after taking Iris’s lesson! Thank you so much Iris!
Renee Salazar

I really enjoyed Iris’s class and the way she teaches. And I love her attitude and outlook on the whole creative process!! She is a joy to learn from.
Deb Weiers

I’ve taken several classes with Iris and I like the way she uses colours. Her dynamic way of combining them and the joy that she transmits is incredible! Every time I was happy with the results and I think she’s a great teacher!
Rossana Russo

You were very prepared and got straight to the lesson [on Rainbow Journal]. I also liked your quick feedback on our sharing. Easy instructions. Anyone can do it!!!
Linda Sackin

I really enjoyed watching your process and having you explain the whys and hows for the steps as you go along. I need to see this for my brain to really follow and give me a foundation to do the artwork myself. I’ve watched the [Rainbow Journal] videos several times. I get something more each time. [It was] informative, creative and FUN!
Raine Phoenix

Wonderful please do a years worth! [It was] utterly amazing joyful
Jodee Peevor

I liked that you showed so many different techniques [on Rainbow Journal]. I especially liked your motto, “Better done than perfect.” You make art fun, non-threatening, and I leaned so much.
Sally C

I often recommend your courses to others because I feel you connect to a deeper part of our being to enable us to get familiar with our creative selves.
Carol Thunderdance

Marieke-BloklandIris is a sweet and enthusiastic teacher. She has a big heart for her students and really cares about them. She offers great guidance. I would recommend Rainbow Journal especially for art journal beginners or for those who have white page fear.
Marieke Blokland